Nexus NX-8060 ATX power supply

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The NX-8060 sports a simple black finish and a nice lack of bling. A 120mm fan draws air into the power supply from the internals of the system. The main exhaust vent is the rear, where the grill offers low resistance. There are two small slot vents, one on the side and another on the cable output side, presumably to assist in cooling particular hot components. A simple wire grill protects the fan from cables or prying fingers while providing a low resistance to the airflow. It also comes with a big bundle of modular cables.

An almost stereotypical 120mm fan PSU design: We like the absence of flash.

Six output jacks in three distinct groups; they may help current load distribution.

Nexus NX-8060 Specifications

Four 12V lines are listed on the specifications, but it's highly unlikely that they are really separate; they may have an 18A limiter on each "line", but this is also unlikely, because there are no instructions about which connectors are part of which "line".

Checking the UL file number on the label at the UL Online Certifications Directory tells us that the power supply is built by Fortron Source Power Group Inc (FSP), a prolific Taiwanese power supply manufacturer that has supplied all previous Nexus PSU models. Going back to the 80 Plus list of certified power supplies and manufacturers, FSP currently has 12 certified production models, including one 400W model and two 600W models. It could be that the Nexus NX-8060 is a rebadged version of these certified models, but the absence of 80 Plus labeling or links at the Nexus site to 80 Plus suggests otherwise.


Three output cables are attached; the rest are modular; all are sleeved.

The NX-8060 comes with a healthy lineup of cable connectors. Here are the attached cables:

  • 20" cable w/ ATX 20+4-pin motherboard connector
  • 20" cable w/ Aux 12V 4+4-pin connector
  • 20" cable w/ 6-pin PCI-Express connector

The detachable cables:

  • 1 - 31" cable w/ 3 x 4-pin Molex connectors
  • 2 - 31" cable w/ 2 x 4-pin Molex and 1 x floppy connector
  • 2 - 31" cable w/ 3 x SATA connectors
  • 1 - 19" cable w/ 6-pin PCI-Express connector; an additional one for dual video card systems.
  • 1 - 19" cable w/ Aux 12V 4+4-pin connector; an additional one... for?

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