Computex 2007: Cases

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Thermaltake's new massive cast aluminum cases, with and without integrated watercooling, were close to the ultimate in extreme excess among cases at the show.


But serious competition of a more minimalist flavor came from celebrated heatsink maker Thermalright, who dreamed up some cases made almost entirely of heatpipes and heatsinks. Heatsinks not of aluminum extrusion, but multiple thin fins just like on their heatsinks. In the above tower case, the heatsink fins are on both sides, and... is actually clamped directly to the CPU for real cooling. The final product, which they say will come in AMD and Intel versions to accomodate the differing CPU placements on typical enthusiast mainboards, will probably have mounting points for fans in various strategic places for those who don't trust passive cooling.

Here's a HTPC version of Thermalright's new heatsink case, which gives literal meaning to the term "cutting edge" design.

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