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In their suite at the Grand Hyatt, Antec showed off their latest HTPC case, a large ATX-motherboard capable variation of the Fusion / NSK2400. This is an ambitious design that allows for the latest high end graphics cards with their attendent cooling requirements.

A new mini-P182 was also in evidence. This is very close to "standard" mid-tower size (like the P150 or Sonata) but it is based largely on the P180/182 design.

The interior of the mini-P182 shows excellent design thinking; it should be an instant hit with systems builders from all walks. The photo above explains much to those already familiar with the P182; SPCR should have a review sample to examine in detail soon.

The P150 picked up a set of designer color front bezels.

Then there was the massive tower based on the 900 Gamer Case. The centerpiece of the system is an optional large 200mm square watercooling radiator that takes advantage of the 200mm fan on the top panel.

Antec will also introduce some very high ouput PSUs to appease misguided power-crazed gamers.

No, this is not a high end audio amplifier by Antec. It is a power line conditioner with an original twist. It is meant to be used between two hot components without letting the bottom one overheat... drawing the heat from the bottom of its case via two squirrel-cage blowers (similar to that used in the MX-1) and exhausting it out the back.

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