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Watercooling was also very much in evidence at the Zalman booth. The LQ1000 aluminum case features an entire side panel that acts as a radiator for its integrated WC system.

Zalman has a new external WC system called the Reserator XT, which features a at least one fan for forced cooling, and front panel speed adjustments for fan speed and monitoring of both the fan and temperatures. Also shown are are range of waterblocks for CPUs and GPUs.

Then, there is a new 2-hinged-door Fatality branded aluminum case whose primary nod to reduced noise appears to be thick panels and rubber damping for the hard drives.

The VNF1000 is only one of Zalman's cooling attacks on GPUs.

The above photo shows the new VF1000 heatpipe cooler for nVidia 8800 series cards, along with the ZM-RHS88, a RAM-sink for the same cards. The two can be used together on the same card.

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