Corsair VX450W: Quiet Value PSU

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The internal layout of the components on the PCB is neat and tidy, and the black (painted, most likely) heatsinks are quite small. The main transformer brand, the layout, the inductors, the dual-ball bearing 120mm Adda fan, the power switch and related components — in short, just about everything inside the PSU — identifies this unit as one made by Seasonic.

Nice clean layout.

Relatively small heatsinks.

One unusual feature is a piece of stiff, clear plastic that blocks about a quarter of the fan's exhaust side (on the inside of the PSU). What might its function be? A look at exactly which portion of the fan it blocks gives us an idea. The purple area in the photo below is the portion covered by the plastic sheet. It seems designed to ensure that airflow from the fan doesn't simply silp out the back without travelling across the heatsinks, as the area closest to the exhaust actually does not contain any components at all. It is an airflow control baffle.

The clear plastic is a baffle to prevent any airflow "short circuit."

The main capacitor is rated for 105°C, not the more common 85°C.

A closer look at the primary cap and main transformer.

The medium speed ball bearing fan is made by Adda, similar to others used in previous Corsairs (and Seasonics).

Familiar Adda fan.

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