Seasonic S12II-380 Power Supply

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The internal layout of the components on the PCB is neat and tidy, and the black (painted, most likely) heatsinks are quite small. If it looks familar to regular readers, that's no surprise; it looks virtually identical to the innards of the Corsair VX450W (made by Seasonic) that we reviewed a couple weeks ago.

Clean layout typical of Seasonic.

Rather small heatsinks.

The only obvious difference from the Corsair VX450W is the use of a more standard 85°C main capacitor rather than the Corsair's 105°C rated one.

Note that the stiff, clear plastic airflow control baffle found in the VX450W is absent here. It was used to ensure that none of the fan's airflow would slip out the back vent without first travelling across the heatsinks. Seasonic informed us that in the S12II line, this baffle is used only on the 500W model. The lower power models apparently do not get hot enough to require the baffle.

Remember the clear plastic baffle to prevent any airflow "short circuit" in the Corsair VX450W?

The medium speed ball bearing fan is made by Adda, similar to others used in previous Seasonic-built PSUs.

Familiar Adda fan.

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