Scythe Ninja Mini CPU heatsink

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Most readers probably want to know what the difference is between the Ninja Mini and the original. The photos below should satisfy your curiosity. (Note: Please ignore the worn condition of the Ninja; it's our original review sample which has not only survived over two years of abuse in the lab, but also an attempt at height reduction which caused the loss of the end caps of the heatpipes.)

No point for guessing which is which. The height difference is 40mm, or slightly over 1.5", as specified by Scythe.

The family resemblance obvious, but there is a difference in the way the heatpipes are configured. In the Mini, they're evenly distributed through each fin. This may help improve heat distribution as well as reduce airflow resistance between the fins.

Notice the "auxilary fins" just above the base of the heatsink in the various photos. The heatsink is not symmetrical so it is possible to place the fan in the "wrong" position with the fan blowing against the side of these fins instead of through them (as pictured below). This may have some minor impact on CPU cooling, and perhaps in the cooling of other nearby components on the motherboard.

Scythe Ninja Mini Upright
When compared to a tower heatsink, it's obvious why it's called "Mini." However the name and picture is somewhat deceptive - it's the same width as the original Ninja. The Ninja Mini is primarily composed of 17 large, flat, horizontal aluminum fins and 6 copper heatpipes running through them. In imperial measurements, it stands approximately 4.5" tall and weighs 20 oz.

We also noticed that heatpipes at the base of the Mini diverge and separate into a well-spaced clock-like pattern, unlike on the Ninja where the heatpipes are packed tightly together. The Mini design allows more air to pass between these pipes, especially at the base of the socket where motherboard components can suffer thermally without top-down airflow.

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