Scythe Ninja Mini CPU heatsink

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Typical of Scythe's heatsinks, the base is flat, smooth, and polished. This time around, they've applied a nickel plating on the copper base, which will keep the copper from tarnishing over time. It's not clear whether nickel plating has any functional purpose, however; once the HS is installed with thermal goop, it's not exposed to the oxidation effects of the air.

Scythe Ninja Mini Base
Screw holes in each corner facilitate installation of the various mounting frames. This design allows the frames to be rotated in freely so the proper orientation can always be achieved.

Scythe Ninja Mini S478 Mounting
The S478 mounting frame. Four hooks are used to grasp onto the S478 plastic rentention cage.

Scythe Ninja Mini AM2 Mounting
The AMD mounting frame has metal two latches to hook onto any A64 retention brackets (AM2/754/939/940).

Scythe Ninja Mini LGA775 Mounting
The LGA775 mounting frame. Scythe uses the same cylindrical press-fit fasteners found on Intel's stock cooler. We are not fans of the Intel design but with the lower height and weight of the Mini, it should be adequate.


We hoped Scythe would ship the Ninja Mini with the Scythe Kama Flow 80mm fan (which uses fluid dynamic bearings), but instead they including a sleeve bearing fan, unknown to us, dubbed the DFS802512L. Being a 3-pin fan, some motherboards featuring 4-pin PWM headers may not be able to control it.

Scythe Ninja Mini Stock Fan
It's a slow speed sleeve bearing 80x25mm fan..

Stock Fan Specfications: DFS802512L
Brand Scythe Power Rating 0.09A
Manufacturer ?? Airflow Rating 32.2 CFM
Model Number DFS802512L RPM Rating 2,300RPM
Bearing Type Sleeve Noise Rating 24.4 dBA
Frame Size 80 x 80 x 25 mm Header Type 3-pin

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