Albatron KI690-AM2: A Mini-ITX Powerhouse

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The board's main features are noted on the simple grey box.

Accessories are sparse: Driver/manual CD, short user guide, I/O cover plate, an IDE cable, and two SATA cables.

The back panel provides a multitude of options. Video can be sent out through component, VGA, DVI or HDMI. There are standard audio ports as well as optical out in both S/PDIF and coaxial form. Also included are 4 USB ports, a Firewire connector and a gigabit ethernet jack. Notice the absence of any legacy ports.

The board layout is dominated by the AM2 socket in the center. As one can expect, clearance is tight if you want to use a third party CPU heatsink. An aluminum heatsink held on with spring clips covers the chipsets. The layout is compact as one would expect and excellent overall. There is literally almost no room for improvement.

Our AMD X2 3800+ Windsor test processor installed.

SODIMMs are oriented horizontally in notebooks, but in a small desktop system, the vertical allignment creates more room for other components. The chipset heatsink's fins are plentiful and tall - perfect for a low airflow environment.

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