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In a "barebones" kit, you add the CPU, hard drive, optical drive and memory. All the other internal components are included. (But not monitor, mouse or keyboard.) For a media PC barebones, you'd think that a remote would be considered standard, but that's not the case with this model. The review sample was not supplied with a riser slot card, either, but a CPU cooler was included. The optional southbridge fan and blower fans were also not included.

Let's have a quick walkaround the unit to see what we can see.

The highly reflective plastic front bezel is very slightly curved when viewed from the top, which probably gives it a slightly softer or more elegant look. The memory card readers and I/O panel are revealed on the right; the little door opens with a simple press. The vent on the top left is for the power supply, while the larger one on closer to the right side of the cover is for the CPU. Photos on the previous page showed the vents that cover almost half the area of both the sides.

The back panel sports all the usual motherboard inputs and outputs as well as niceties such as component video and audio outputs. The open slot in the center is for one extension slot, which requires a riser card. Normally, this would be used for a TV tuner card. The AC input receptacle is on the right.

As mentioned earlier, the motherboard is a MSI K9NGM2 but it's not any of the retail models; the bank of A/V phono connectors above the DVI and VGA outputs are customized specifically for Hiper. There is no HDMI port.

The bottom panel is largely unremarkable. There are the usual A/V style feet, some slot vents, and then that round perforated bump which appears to hold a very small fan. The feet are only about 8mm tall; the bump protrudes far enough that almost touches whatever surface the unit is placed upon. More on this later.

Finally, here's what the vacuum fluorescent display (VFD) looks like when powered up. It looks quite spiffy, doesn't it?

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