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Opening the cover required the removable of two screws, and a slight backward slide to unlock it. The cover then lifted off easily.

Just about everything is visible in a single glance. The motherboard, the front panel memory reader and I/O panel, the electronics for the VFD display and buttons, the optical drive bay on the right, the 3.5" HDD bay below it, and finally the small power supply on the bottom right (of the photo).

Here's another angle for more details.

A shot from the other side shows the 50mm PSU exhaust fan, the drive bays, and a bit of the perforated grill for that fan in the underside "bump".

This was the best angle to see that little fan without removing the PSU. It's probably about 50mm diameter, frameless. It appears to be there just to help cool the hard drive.

Finally, here's a photo of the power supply (and its label below). There is a second fan on top held in place by four screws; you can see the blades are spinning. This is a tiny fan, just 40mm diameter. It is a 200W rated unit, with up to 120W (10A) capacity on the 12V line. This is more than adequate for any current AMD CPU that's appropriate for a media PC. You won't need anything more than dual core, and high computing power is not mandatory for almost any normal media PC application.

All in all, there are no surprises inside. The three small fans, all 50mm or smaller in diameter, give the silent PC builder pause. Small fans always have to spin faster to move as much air, and they usually end up making the kind of tonal noises that people describe as a whine, which is almost always annoying. We'll see how these fans fare.

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