Antec SLK3700 mid-tower Case

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March 17, 2003 by Ralf Hutter

Product Antec SLK3700 mid tower case
Manufacturer Antec Inc.
Market Price US$75~85 (pricewatch)

Ralf Hutter is the pseudonym of a contributor who is very active in the Forums of Silent PC Review. The photos of his PIII-S based file server drew great attention when linked in the gallery section, due to the unique folding technique Ralf employed to tidy the interior and maximize airflow. Here is Ralf's review of his favorite case, the Antec Solution Series SLK3700. -- Mike Chin, Editor

Antec is no stranger to the enthusiast case market. Their "SX" series of cases are some of the most popular aftermarket cases among computer hobbiests and modders. Now Antec has released a new line of cases they call the "Solution Series" The flagship of this line is the SLK3700AMB. This case, although not marketed as such by Antec, is of interest to the "Quiet PC" crowd due to several features, including twin 120mm case fans and a drive cage that includes grommets for mounting the HDDs.

The Antec SLK3700AMB is a mid-tower case. It is painted in a color that Antec calls "Metallic Bronze" but my review sample was a dark metallic gray color. The case is constructed of fairly thick steel (exact thickness not specified) and all the edges are very well finished to prevent cuts and scratches while working inside. The thick steel should serve well to muffle the mechanical noises generated by the hardware inside the case. The case sports four external 5.25" bays, two extenal 3.5" bays and five internal 3.5" bays complete with grommeted mounting points for the drives. The external 5.25" bays utilize the familiar snap-in drive rail system that Antec uses on the SX series.

Even an illustrated manual is included.

Another carryover from the SX10x0 file server cases is the hinged front door that covers the external drive bays, power and reset buttons. This door helps quiet the noise generated by the optical drives plus it gives the case a nice clean look when it is closed. The power button is large and easy to push. The reset button is rather small and resessed below a protective ring of plastic, you will need to use a pen or something pointed to depress it. The front bezel is well designed, balancing airflow and low noise.

Behind the front bezel is an easily removable front air filter. This will help keep dust off of the expensive hardware inside the case. The filter is made of a fine net-like material that filters out lots of dust but isn't too restrictive.

Both side doors are removable and the left side door opens easily by pressing two latches, as shown below.

Moving to the back side you can see one of the standout features of this case: a 120mm diameter fan grill. The mate for this rear grill is found on the front of the case behind the louvered air intakes of the bezel. Most typical computer cases utilize several 80mm fans for case ventilation, with the SLK3700AMB Antec has stepped up to the plate with a pair of 120mm fans. The larger diameter fans will allow greater airflow than a smaller diameter fan of the same noise level. By using a couple of low speed, low noise 120mm fans you can have as much, or more airflow than with two, three or four higher revving, noisier 80mm fans that are included on the typical case.

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