Antec NSK-3480: 80-Plus Case

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Antec has improved cable management by moving the access port between the two chambers to the side, out of the way of tall heatsinks. The PSU output cables are longer and there are more of them than before. Two locking straps to help route the cables down into the main chamber.

Cables now leave the top chamber along the side of the chamber.

A sliding plastic cover helps maintain the seal between the two chambers.

A secondary port just below the power supply is ideally suited for running an IDE cable or two for the drives in the top chamber. A handsome rubber plug is included to block the port when it is not in use.

A secondary port just in front of the PSU is ideally suited for flat IDE cables.

A major criticism we had of the NSK-3300 was the limited number of short power cables. This problem has now been fixed, but Antec may have gone a bit too far in doing so; there are now so many cables that it is difficult to find space for all the spares. The logical place to leave them is in the top chamber, but there are so many that they block the front intake almost completely if there is an optical drive installed. With a hard drive in place at the same time, the cables would need to be routed out of the top chamber to prevent the power supply from overheating.

In the main chamber, there are more options. If there are only one or two spare cables, the locking strap on the plastic port cover might hold them, but there is not enough clearance under the side panel for a lot. Our favorite solution is shown in the photo below: The floppy bay is an ideal place to stuff spare cables.

We put the unused output power cables in the floppy bay.

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