Moneual MonCaso: Touchscreen Gadgetry and Solid Cooling in One?

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The large size of the case means there is room for a full ATX motherboard, a full tower heatsink, and up to four hard drives. There's also plenty of room to work. The case is laid out like a conventional ATX case laid on its side, with appropriate modifications to the drive bays so the optical drive comes out horizontally. The power supply is also flipped so that a 120mm power supply will suck fresh air in from the side of the case rather than waste heat from the CPU.

Lots of space to work with: Motherboard on the left, drives on the right.

The case breathes very well. The air vents are well placed and plentiful. A pair of 80mm fans on the back panel provide most of the airflow through the case. Two more fans pump air into the front of the case over the drive bays.

The main source of air in most configurations will be two sizable vents on the top panel directly over the CPU socket and graphics card. There is some potential for a short-circuit in the airflow here, but given the vents' proximity to the major heat sources, this is probably not a major problem. However, it does mean that the inner edge of the motherboard will receive less airflow than usual. Depending on the layout and cooling system of the motherboard, chipset cooling could be a concern.

The top panel features vents above the CPU socket and expansion cards.

What air does get pulled over the chipset will most likely come from a vent on the bottom panel under the front left drive bay. There are a large number of wires running over top of it that could be restrictive, so neat cable management could be important here. In addition to cooling the chipset, it should also ensure that the front of the case isn't just dead air. It would probably be wise to favor the left side of the case when installing drives, as the right side lacks a similar vent.

This vent on the bottom panel should help prevent dead air in the front of the case.

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