Moneual MonCaso: Touchscreen Gadgetry and Solid Cooling in One?

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There are also intake vents on all four corners. With the exception of the vent reserved for the power supply, all are heavily restricted by wire mesh filters. The cosmetic aluminum bars on the side panel also block a lot of air. It's unlikely that much air will flow through them unless the rear fans are turned up to an unacceptably noisy level. The filters can be removed with a screwdriver and a bit of effort, but unless air is specifically needed near one of these vents it's probably not worth the trouble. The case is not otherwise starved for airflow, and it's unlikely that unblocking the vents would have much effect on the overall case temperatures.

The two exhaust fans are on the left; the power supply goes in the empty space on the right.

Note the heavy wire mesh over this vent beside the PCI slots. It can easily be removed for better airflow.

Two of the corner vents feed the drive bays in the front of the case. Both bays feature 80mm fans that pull air through the side vents. The amount of airflow required to cool hard drives is minimal, so the fans don't need to spin quickly, but it is still a good idea to remove the filters as mentioned above; this should improve turbulence noise as well as reducing impedance.

The bottom vent is visible underneath, but the main source of cooling is the fan mounted inside the drive bay.


The drive bay itself is a separate piece screwed to the chassis with three screws. It is easy to remove, and nearly impossible to work in without taking it out. The cooling fan is screwed to the bay itself, not the side of the case, which makes it easy to swap it out if required.

A thermally controlled fan is built into the drive bay.

While the two internal bays are easy to work with, the same cannot be said for the optical drive bay, which is located at the bottom of the case, underneath both of the internal bays. Like the internal bays, it needs to be removed before a drive can be installed. This is a big job: First the two internal bays must be removed, and then six more screws, four of which are awkwardly located, must be undone. Ideally, this should be done without the motherboard in place so there is room to maneuver the bay back into place under the LCD screen..

The optical drive bay.

The case looks a lot emptier without the drive bays installed.

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