Sparkle Power SPI220LE 80 Plus FlexATX PSU

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The density inside is very high due to the limited available space. The capacitors that regulate output voltages are first in the airstream path, followed by the transformer, and the AC capacitor. The heatsinks are minimal, reserved for the MOSFETs and one other component. There is an insulating strip of black plastic (vinyl?) on each of the long sides.  Some of the photos required pulling the plastic back to make the internal components visible.

Twin transformers in the center.
Cable sets are neatly organized and isolated from each other with heat shrink.

Densely packed heatsinks here...

...and here.


The 40x15mm fan is made by Delta Electronics, and it is rated for 12V, 0.2A. A search through the fan pages on Delta's web site for the model number AFB0412HHB identified it as a very high speed ball-bearing fan with the following data: 8300 RPM, 11.5 CFM, and 32 dBA (presumably at one meter). Not promising for low noise, but we can hope for a good thermal fan controller.

Potentially, this 8300 maximum RPM fan is a screamer, but we'll see how it's controlled.

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