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Anitec Computers of Vancouver BC offers SPCR-designed quiet PCs in Canada

Anitec Computers is the system integrator and vendor of these systems. SPCR has no involvement whatsoever in their sale, distribution or servicing; only the original design and verification of design objectives in the production sample supplied by Anitec. For details of the partnership, please see SPCR Designed Computer Systems.

SPCR Stealth 100

A compact all-purpose personal computer, the acoustic signature of the SPCR Stealth 100 is very close to or at the ambient noise level of most urban homes. It has been designed so that its acoustic output will remain very low within a wide range of work loads, from idle all the way to maximum load, in a broad range of ambient temperatures. Housed in the sturdy Antec 3480 micro-ATX case, this model is small enough to be easily placed atop a desk behind an LCD monitor or tucked under the desk (the preferred location for lowest noise).

The design goals for SPCR Stealth 100 were:

  • Smooth, powerful performance.
  • Good cooling of all the components up to at least 30°C ambient.
  • Unobstrusive, quiet acoustic signature

Anitec's SPCR Stealth 100 is a mini-tower system.

The Antec NSK3480 case features separate dual-chamber design to for improved management of heat and noise. The power supply is housed along with the optical drive in the upper chamber while the lower chamber houses the motherboard and hard drive. The NSK3480 has been reviewed by SPCR, and has been found to be eminently suitable for a quiet PC.

A Corsair VX450 replaces the stock power supply that comes with the case. The VX450 has been thoroughly tested by SPCR; it is a reliable, efficient, and very quiet power supply. The vent design of the Antec 3480 case cools the power supply with air from outside the case, which is always cooler than the air inside the case. This ensures that the thermally controlled fan in the power supply never speeds up unless absolutely neccessary, thus keeping the acoustics constant.

The stock main chamber fan is replaced with a Scythe Slipstream 120mm fan, which has the lowest noise of any fan of similar size at similar speed. A Scythe Ninja Plus without fan is used for CPU cooling. This heatsink has long been a favorite of DIY enthusiasts for its exceptional cooling ability with very little airflow. Here, the back panel fan provides all the necessary cooling.

A Western Digital Green Power hard drive provides plenty of storage for normal use, good performance, and extremely low noise. It is widely regarded as the quietest high capacity 3.5" hard drive available today, with the added benefit of very low power consumption.

The base configuration utilizes the excellent integrated graphics of the AMD 690G shipset used in the Asus M2A-VM motherboard. For those who wish to play 3D games, discrete graphics card options with passive cooling are offered by Anitec. The higher powered gaming graphics cards exact a price in noise, raising the noise level about 2 dBA because of the need for a front mounted intake fan.

Anitec's page for SPCR Stealth 100

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