Asus Triton 75 CPU Cooler

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The photos below show that the Triton 75 is a straightforward design that combines a minimalist base, copper heatpipes that loop in a C-profile into many thin, large aluminum fins. It strongly resembles various Thermalright designs (SI-128 and SI-120) which have been emulated by many others (Spire Fourier IV and Thermaltake Big Typhoon, to name a couple). You could say the Triton 75 is in good company, as most of those designs have been good performers.

Sown here with secure, user-friendly clip with locking lever for AMD processor sockets.

Fin spacing is about 2.5mm, which is good for effective cooling with low airflow.

Note the even spacing of the four heatpipes and the odd "claw" at the bottom of each corner.

The image below shows the push-pins for the 775 socket installed on the base. There are two push-pins on each of two steel bars that attach via screws. It's the metal bars that are threaded, and they are quite thin, so you need to take care not to overtighten, as the threads are probably easy to strip.

Set up for socket 775 of our heatsink test platform. Note claws again.

The copper bases is flat, but has fine machining grooves that can be seen and felt; nothing that TIM won't fill. Note yet again, the claws... or are they fangs?

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