Verax 300W PSU

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April 7, 2003 -- by Mike Chin

Product Verax 300 PSU
Manufacturer Verax F300PPFC-80KP
Supplier PC Silent (
MSP EUR119 (~US$128)

Verax is a German company whose main claim to fame is its unique fan, designed expressly for minimal noise . The slogan next to a picture of its unique impeller on the cover of this PSU box reads "The Sound of Silence". So there's little question what Verax is trying to sell us: a very quiet, perhaps silent, power supply that utilizes one of their fans.

Among vendors of quiet, noise-reduced power supplies, Fortron / Source appears to be a favorite OEM manufacturer. Zalman, Nexus, Q-Technology and PC Power & Cooling models all appear to be made by Fortron. The Verax F300PPFC-80KP is yet another that falls into this list. It carries its credentials more plainly than the others. The sticker on the side of the PSU casing says it all:

It is a passive PFC unit, identical in electrical specifications to the Nexus NX3000. The Verax fan model used in the unit is clearly identified: 8025 1235-KP. This is a 12VDC 80 x 25 mm fan with an embedded thermistor speed control. One presumes the thermistor is buried inside the center, as it is not visible elsewhere.

Looking closely at the photos above and below, it is easy too see the unique shape of the blades and the streamlined shape of the center hub. It looks to expel the air in a more distinctly cylindrical pattern with a large hole in the center than is the case with typical fans.

The thermistor control is described as linear. That suggests a linear relationship between RPM and temperature. It also suggests that the PSU itself may have no thermal fan controller at all -- if the fan is equipped with thermal control, it seems redundant and possibly unpredictable to apply thermal control to the fan voltage feed from the PSU.

The maximum airflow of the unit is specified as 32 cubic meters per hour (against minimal impedance) according to one of the graphs on the fan spec sheet. A bit of calculations translates this to ~19 CFM (cubic feet per minute), which is very low for an 80mm fan.

The fan is mounted to the PSU casing with 4 dampening rubber grommets similar in design to the blue ones from E.A.R. Products.

  • A word of advice: If you buy this PSU, don't remove the fan! It is very difficult to put back on. I managed to get the fan back on with these grommets only after a long and arduous struggle and a litany of expletives.

Other than the fan, this unit appears to be a carbon copy of the Nexus NX3000, and of course, the Fortron FSP-300ATV (PF). The casing design foregoes the nicer fan wire grill used on some units, but still offers minimal airflow impedance. This also holds true for the generous slot grills on the intake side.

Internal heatsinks, side mounted transformer, and PCB circuit layout/design all look very similar if not identical to the Nexus NX3000.

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