Seasonic Goes Green: The Eco Power 300

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The internal components in the Eco Power 300 are densely packed, with little room for airflow between them. On the whole, components are smaller and fewer than in the high capacity gaming power supplies that we usually see. In part, this is due to the necessity of jamming everything within the confines of an SFX12V enclosure, but it is also because a 300W power supply doesn't require as hefty components.

Once again, this is a good thing for the environment. Higher capacity power supplies require bigger and higher grade electronics, which have a corresponding environmental cost, either because more toxic materials are required or heavier refinement is needed to meet higher tolerances. Our extensive research that shows that the vast majority of systems will fit within a 300W power envelope, so the Eco Power 300 should have no difficulty delivering the goods while still using fewer raw materials than typical "high end" 500W+ units.

Densely packed electronics.

For the most part, the electronic components are smaller than usual.

Fancy three-layer heatsinking.


As is usual for Seasonic's power supplies, the fan is made by Adda, in this case, an 80mm ball-bearing model. The fan is a high speed model, and is unlikely to be quiet at full speed. Whether it is quiet at lower speeds remains to be seen.

High speed and ball bearing ... not good for noise.

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