Arctic Cooling Accelero S1 VGA Cooler

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December 26, 2007 by Lawrence Lee

Arctic Cooling Accelero S1
Passive VGA Cooler
Arctic Cooling
Market Price

Arctic Cooling is a Swiss company dedicated to quiet CPU and GPU cooling. Back in the day, their VGA Silencer heatsinks were on top of the silent computing world, with Zalman's passive heatpipe GPU coolers being their only real competition. Arctic Cooling is now receiving accolades for their own fanless GPU coolers, the Accelero S1 and S2.

The S1 doesn't have a fancy design. There are is no complicated array of swirling heatpipes or a funky fan design, just a bunch of heatpipes and aluminum fins. So how does it expect to be a good performer? By being big. Measuring approximately 22cm x 14cm, it's the widest and longest graphics card cooler we've had in our lab. With a measly $20 price-tag, it's also the cheapest.

The S1 package next to a 6800XT with a Zalman VF900-CU installed:
David vs. Goliath?

The mounting hardware includes a PCI vent bracket, ramsinks, and some voltage regulator heatsinks.

Accelero S1: Main Features (from the product web page)
Features & Brief
Our Comment
Noiseless Cooling
We hope so. Arctic Cooling also sells a Turbo Module with two fans for the S1/S2 if you find its performance to be inadequate.
4 Heat Pipes
Same as the Zalman VF1000, though much longer.
Special Heat Spreader for Voltage Regulator Cooling
Extra heatsinks provided for certain models of ATI X1800 and X1900 series.
Memory Cooling
8 ramsinks included.
High Reliability Difficult to verify.
Low Weight Surprisingly light for a heatsink of its size.
6 Years Warranty Six is such an odd number — must be a European thing.

Accelero S1: Technical Data (from the product web page)
Heatsink Dimensions 140(L) x 215(W) x 32(H) mm
Heat Pipe Dimensions 6 mm x 4
Weight 290 grams
Accessories 2 Voltage Regulator Heat Spreaders
8 Memory Heat Sinks
Compatibility ATI: HD 3870, 3850, X1950, X1900, X1800 series

nVIDIA: GeForce 8800GTS(G92), 8800GT, 7950, 7900, 7800, 6800 series (except 7X00 GS AGP)

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