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January 7, 2007 by Lawrence Lee

Hiper Media Center
HMC-2K53A-A3 Barebones PC
Hiper Group
Selling Price

A few months ago, we reviewed the HMC-2K53A-H2, a barebones multimedia center PC by Hiper Group. It was a solid product, but a little rough around the edges, the power supply being the main problem. By the time the review was posted, however, the H2 was already on its way out. The HMC-2K53A-A3 we are looking at today is a revised model that utilizes the exact same enclosure and power supply unit, but with some significant changes.

The new A3 features another MSI motherboard, but this time, it's based on the newer AMD 690G chipset. The Radeon X1250 IGP allows for HDMI output and improved video playback capability. Also, an infrared transceiver is now built right into the front panel, and to compliment this, a Vista-only IR remote control is included.

Our HMC A3 review sample.

Hiper Media Center HMC-2K53A-A3 SPECIFICATIONS
Specification Description
External Dimensions 430mm x 310mm x 53mm (WxDxH)
Standard Components Mainboard

MSI K9AGM2 (MS-7327) (previously MSI K9NGM2)
Standard Size Micro ATX Format / ITX

CPU Accepts AMD AM2
Ventilation Intake on Top Cover
Hard Drive Accepts standard 3.5"
RAM Accepts up to 2 x DDRII
(previously 4 x DDRII)
Optical Drive Requires slot notebook drive
Standard Equipment PSU 200W (100~240V) CE, UL, TUV, ROHS
Front I/O 2 x USB
Audio (speaker, MIC, audio in)
1 x 1394
Card Reader SD Card, MultiMediaCard, CompactFlash, MicroDrive, Memory Stick, Smart Media
VFD Module VFD (with 6 external function buttons)
Built-in Wi-Fi
IR Module MCE/Vista Approved RF Remote Control
(included, previously optional)
HDD Fan 40 mm / 4000 rpm / frameless
Southbridge Fan 4000 rpm Blower / Dual Ball Bearing
(included, previously optional)
Rear I/O I/O Panel
Expansion 1 x PCI add on slot bezel
IDE Cable 1 pc (450mm)
SATA Cable 1 pc (450mm)
IDE Converter Slimline to standard IDE
Accessories Riser Card Optional
CPU cooler Optional

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