Hiper Media Center PC HMC-2K53A-A3

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Hiper lists the motherboard as being the MSI K9AGM2, but no such model appears on the MSI website. It appears to be slightly modified MSI K9AGM2-FID with a customized back panel. The board's layout is fairly good, but with only a single expansion slot available in the case (via a riser card), a mATX board is a bit of a waste.

New to the A3 is a strange looking device plugged into one of the two memory banks. The schematics indicate that an IR blaster and the IR receiver's sensor and LED are connected directly to this odd piece of circuitry. From there, it is patched into a USB header; we surmise it only uses the memory slot to receive power. So you face a tough choice here — either be limited to one memory slot, or forfeit using the built-in IR receiver and remote.

Hanging over the southbridge heatsink is a blower fan, previously an optional accessory. It is attached with a stiff metal wire arm screwed directly to the case.

It's a 50mm ball bearing fan of unknown specifications.

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