CES 2008, Day 1: Antec, Arctic Cooling, and CoolIT

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January 8, 2008 by Russ Kinder, Charles Gilliatt, and Alex Chiu



Per their usual, Antec forgoes the convention floor in favor of a private invitation-only suite, this year at the Wynn. Our tour of their new products was led Antec’s guru of design, Han Liu.

Fusion Max

Seen first at Computex last July, the Fusion Max is the big brother to the already popular mATX-sized Fusion. While they look similar and share a somewhat similar layout, there are several important differences: First, instead of two 120mm fans on the right side, the Fusion Max has a single 140mm 11-bladed fan. Second, Antec has added two dust filters to the bottom air intakes in the front of the case, which should definitely help keep things clean. The filters can be removed and cleaned easily, as they are removable notebook PC-Card style through the front pop-down door, which also hides the reset button, plus FireWire, eSATA, mic/headphone, and two USB 2.0 jacks. The power button remains accessible with the front door closed. The front retains the dark gray aluminum finish as the Fusion Black as well as the LCD display and single 5.25” with stealthed cover. As a side benefit of the large ATX size, Antec was able to add two additional drop down 3.5” bays, increasing the total to four. The PSU has been flipped on its side, with a fresh air intake on the left side, as well as two rows of vents to keep the expansion cards cool.

Three Hundred

Next up, we have the Three Hundred, a value-oriented case that incorporates some of the design features found in Antec’s higher-end chassis’. Features include dual front mounted USB 2.0 jacks, as well as mic and headphone. Fans include a top-mounted 140mm fan, a rear 120mm and the option for a pair of 120’s behind the meshed and filtered front bezel. The interior really shows the sacrifices made for value pricing: gone are the dual-chambers of removable HDD sleds of the higher end cases, replaced with a simple throw-back optical and rigid HDD mounting system. The price point of this unit is expected to be in the neighborhood of ~US$60.

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