CES 2008, Days 2 & 3: Zalman, Coolermaster, eCoupled, and Seagate

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January 10, 2008 by Russ Kinder, Charles Gilliatt, and Alex Chiu

CES DAY 2 / 3


Zalman took their existing G1000 case and in place of its front mounted intake fans added the front control panel from the Reserator XT. A thin but wide passive reserator-esque radiator is located behind the motherboard to dissipate heat out the back side of the case, and a fanned 120mm radiator is mounted on the backside of the case at the exhaust location. The case will ship sans PSU, but with pump, fans, and universal CPU water, with accessory GPU waterblock kits being available for the common architectures.


Proving that you just can’t ever have a large enough CPU cooler, CM is introducing a new line of coolers that draw inspiration, at least in naming convention, from automotive engines.

The smaller of the two is the fairly conventional V8. Eight double-ended heatpipes funnel heat to a pair of fin assemblies that bracket each side of one of CM’s 19dba (claimed) 120mm fans.

If the V8 is the tower 120mm fanned heatsink taken to its next logical step, then the v10 is the same concept taken to its inevitable extreme. Six heatpipes, a pair of 120mm fans, and three aluminum heat assemblies are ganged together in a single massive unit. One of the fans is sandwiched between two of the fin assemblies, and the other is cantilevered off the side, blowing downwards through the third fin group and onto the MOSFETS, NB, and RAM. Details were a bit sketchy, but judging just by picking the V10 up, it’s pretty certain that it sets a new record for heaviest CPU heatsink on the market. It is at least, if not longer than one foot. The particulars of the mounting system, once finalized, will be very interesting.

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