CES 2008, Days 2 & 3: Zalman, Coolermaster, eCoupled, and Seagate

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Sharing space in the Seagate/Maxtor booth was a small display from Sentry Safe showcasing their first ever entry into the CE market. Long known for their home and office document safes, Sentry Safe is recognizing that more and more of our important documents are stored digitally instead of on paper. The Hard-Drive unit encases a 160GB Maxtor 2.5” hard drive in a waterproof and fireproof enclosure, while the CD/DVD file safe provides a fire safe environment for both digital media and has internal ports for connecting an external hard drive so that it can be operated while safely locked away inside. SentrySafe claims that in spite of their robust protection the HDD’s in both boxes can be used continuously without overheating. Why is this of interest to us? Because once the 2.5” drives are enclosed in 10lbs of foam and aluminum, they are effectively silent.


Finally, we have an interesting emerging technology from eCoupled, maker of a wireless charging technology that is intelligent enough to wirelessly provide the correct amount of power to various devices, anywhere from milliwatts to kilowatts. They claim that their product is universal and can be adopted to any application. All you have to do is set your eCouple-compliant laptop, phone, iPod, etc. within range of the base charging station and the two devices negotiate charge status and power requirements. Besides freeing you from the curse of the wall warts and their tangle of cords, the technology has a green side: Once the device being charged signals that it has reached its capacity the base shuts down, eliminating the “phantom” power drain from electronic devices that are not in use or are in standby mode. eCoupled is a subsidiary of the multibillion dollar Alticor corporation, and has corporate agreements from nearly 50 companies in the CE industry, including big players like Herman Miller, who are building laptop charging coils into upcoming office furniture lines, so it has a reasonable chance of actually making it to the retail market.

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