Arctic Cooling Accelero S2 VGA Cooler + Turbo Module

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The Accelero S2 uses the same basic design as the S1. The number of heatpipes has been reduced from four to two and the length (or width as Arctic Cooling refers to it, that is the dimension parallel to the expansion slots) has been truncated from 215mm to 188mm - a difference of approximately one inch. The weight is also significantly lower: 202g vs. the S1's 290g. The overall size is still immense when compared to other video card coolers.

The underside of the S2.

Instead of four mounting arms, a large metal plate forms a hood over the base with multiple mounting points, making the S2 compatible with many graphics cards. The base itself is virtually identical to that of the S1. The mounting plate is a bit different, raised above the PCB, in line with the base. Rubber spacers are required to bridge the gap. To keep these spacers on, a thin layer of adhesive film surrounds the mounting holes on each side. This is a bit of a lazy move on Arctic Cooling's part. A year from now, the adhesive may be dried up.

The S2 base.

The spacers glued on.

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