Arctic Cooling Accelero S2 VGA Cooler + Turbo Module

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Our standard test VGA card, the Radeon X1950XTX, was not compatible with the S2, nor was our previous test card, the Geforce 6800XT. The Asus EN8600GT Silent edition from a previous review had to be used instead. The Geforce 8600 series is not listed as compatible, but this particular card has two sets of mounting holes with the smaller, interior set being a perfect match. While these are present on many 8600 cards, its not universal, which would explain why they are left off the compatibility list.

The backside of the Asus EN8600GT Silent edition.

The Asus EN8600GT stripped of its stock heatsink.

The ramsinks that came with our sample Arctic Cooling S1 simply did not stick, but the adhesive on the ramsinks supplied with the S2 was stronger, and all eight of the ramsinks stayed on. Perhaps newer shipments have improved adhesive, or the un-sticky SI ramsinks were just the luck of the draw. They are very simple aluminum heatsinks with a thick base and five long fins. For passive cooling, you really don't need anything fancy in terms of design except for wide fin spacing. The VRM heatsinks from the S1 package are absent as the S2 is not compatible with the X1800/X1900 series.

Screws and washers partially installed.

Aside from the rubber spacers, the installation procedure is identical to the S1. Thermal compound was applied to the GPU core, the card was flipped upside down onto the heatsink and 'L' clips were placed between the card and heatsink. The 'T' clips that go on the top side of the heatsink were omitted as they would interfere with the Turbo Module to be installed later. Four washers and screws secured the S2 in place.

Installation completed.

A view of the base.

Capacitor clearance.

The S2 has a slight curve.

Note that the S2 has a gentle but undeniable curve, which may cause interference with large expansion cards directly below it. This could be Arctic Cooling's way of sneaking in an extra bit of heat dissipation area.

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