Arctic Cooling Accelero S2 VGA Cooler + Turbo Module

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The Turbo Module is a set of two, 15mm thick, 80mm wide fans wired in parallel to the same 3-pin cable. A 3-pin to 4-pin adapter is included for those wishing to power it directly off the power supply. No fan controller is supplied, so they are expected to run at 12V. The fans are frameless — this decreases turbulence, a major source of fan noise. However, the airflow produced is not as directed. The bearings are of the sleeve variety — a somewhat questionable choice considering that typical sleeve bearings do not hold up well in a horizontal orientation. (Please see Anatomy of the Silent Fan for more information about fan bearings.)

Turbo Module: Right-side up and Upside-down.

The Turbo Module, latched on tight.

The Turbo Module basically clip on to the fins of the S1 or S2 heatsinks. The bottom of each fan has three pairs of legs which are inserted straight through the gaps in the heatsink. One pair runs parallel to the fins with small hooks at the ends, grasping onto the outer edges of the fins like a gynamst hanging off of the rings. Another two pairs run perpendicular, with one meant to straddle a heatpipe while the other seems to have no purpose other than to provide balance and/or symmetry.

Turbo Module installed. The fan cable should be tucked into one of the fins to avoid impeding the fan blades.

From the side.

One leg is on shaky ground.

The Turbo Module was not a perfect fit on the S2. The fan on the left near PCI slot covers was snug, but the fan on the right was lopsided. The problem is the S2 (as well as S1) is not level in height all the way through. The fins rise (or lower depending on which way you look at it) slightly near the edge of the board presumably to avoid larger components. The leg hooks on the fan are the same length, however, so one of them on the second fan was loose.

The tension from the Turbo Module's legs can cause fins to bend slightly.
Note how much beyond the VGA card's perimeter the S2 extends.

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