Terabyte Round III: WD Caviar Green Power WD10EACS

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Feb 26, 2008 by Devon Cooke

Western Digital Caviar Green Power WD10EACS
1TB, 5,400 RPM Low Power Hard Drive
Market Price

Our enthusiasm for the WD 750 GB Green Power reviewed in December 2007 prompted us to go hunting for the 1 TB flagship model so we could do more than speculate about its greatness. With Western Digital's odd IntelliPower system for rating spindle speed, we wanted to confirm for ourselves that it shared all the characteristics of its smaller brother — noise, power and all.

The terabyte HDD sample that arrived was promising — with the exception of the model number on the label, the two drives were identical to the naked eye, with no indication that anything important had changed. Mechanically, the only difference should be the addition of an extra platter to accommodate the extra capacity. A quick frequency analysis test confirmed that terabyte model spins at 5,400 RPM just like the 750 GB version. Please see our WD 750 GB Green Power review for all the details.

Specifications: WD Caviar GP WD10EACS vs WD7500AACS
(from Western Digital's data sheet)
1,000,204 MB
750,156 MB
16 MB
Disks / Heads
4 / 8
3 / 6
SATA 3Gb/s
Spindle Rotation Speed
IntelliPower* (5,400 RPM)
Not Specified (5.56 ms)
Read Seek Time
8.9 ms
Buffer to Disk Transfer Rate
1160 Mb/s
1.52 lb. (0.69 kg) ± 10%
Power: Idle / Seek
4.0W / 7.4W
Acoustics: Idle / AAM / Seek
24 / 25 / 29 dBA

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