Modu82+ 625 Power Supply: Enermax to the Forefront

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The showy appearance of earlier Enermax PSUs has been subtly muted here, in a combination of metallic dark grey paint and bold lettering.

Somewhat more subtle appearance compared to Enermax PSUs of yesteryear.

The side lettering gives it a bold look.

The main fan vent on the bottom is the only place for air to get in, and the back panel is the only exhaust. The exhaust vent is pretty standard: A nicely open pattern of hex holes. There is a power switch next to the AC connector. There is a decorative yellow (gold?) badge over the fan hub, and the inlet for the fan is contoured or bevelled to present a smoother, more streamlined path for airflow. This is what Enermax describes as the Air Guard. It's quite possible that this feature could reduce air turbulence noise, but probably only at high fan speeds.

Air Guard is the contouring of the fan inlet perimeter.

The output jacks are neatly lined up on the back panel. The five-pin jacks are for the SATA and PATA drive connectors; the 12-pin red ones are for PCIe 12V power.

Neat rear panel appearance with modular cables.

Here's the label.

Four cables are permanently attached, with connectors as shown below: The main 24-pin ATX, a 3-pin (2-wire) fan RPM monitor, 8-pin AUX12V, and standard 4-pin AUX12V.

Four cables are permanently connected.


There are seven detachable cable sets, plus a floppy adapter and the main ATX and AUX cables, which are permanently attached. All cables are sleeved in black plastic mesh.

  • 20" permanently attached cable for main 20+4-pin ATX connector
  • 20" permanently attached cable for 4-pin AUX12V connector
  • 20" permanently attached cable for 8-pin AUX12V connector
  • 18" permanently attached cable for 3-pin connector for RPM monitoring of PSU fan
  • 3 x 25" detachable cables with three SATA drive connectors
  • 1 x 25" detachable cable with three 4-pin IDE drive connectors
  • 1 x 30" detachable cable with three 4-pin IDE drive and one floppy drive connector
  • 2 x 18" detachable cables with two 6/8-pin PCIe graphics connectors (allows triple graphics cards w/ DX10 and PCIe 2.0)

There is no possibility of plugging the cables sets in the wrong way, as the connectors themselves are shaped so that the male and female ends can only fit in one way, and the PCIe and the drive cable sets use different connectors. IDE and SATA cables share the same type of connector, but are wired so that they are compatible with the same ports on the power supply.

The 525W model comes standard with one detachable cable with two 6/8-pin PCIe graphics connectors, as well as a detachable cable with one 6/8-pin PCIe graphics connector for SLI or Crossfire configurations. It also comes with one less SATA cable.

The 425W model comes a 20+4 main ATX connector, a 4+4 AUX12V connector, just one 3-SATA connector detachable cable, and one detachable cable with two 6/8-pin PCIe graphics connectors.

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