Modu82+ 625 Power Supply: Enermax to the Forefront

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Opening up the PSU reveals a tidy PCB with smallish heatsinks that look similar to the ones on the first Enermax PSU I took apart a decade ago. If it works, don't fix it, right?

Nice clean layout suggests good airflow to all the parts.

There are two large 200uF main filter capacitors, each rated at 400V and the standard 85°C. In the photo below, the PCB for the back output connectors are also visible.

The heatsinks have short, stubby teeth.

On the other side, you can see that the fan leads are not soldered on, which is useful if you want to swap out the fan. Whether you need or want to is something we'll find out.

The smaller capacitors here are rated at 105°C, and they appear to be one of the high quality Japanese brands.


The 120x25mm fan is branded as an Enermax, with two ball bearings. A model number search on the web turned up nothing useful, so all we can say is that dual ball bearing fans are often not quiet, and clear plastic blades often seem to make more resonant noise. However, some of the quietest PSUs we've tested also run fans that are not particularly quiet in normal usage; its their fan / thermal control system which makes them quiet. As always the proof will be in the listening. The 0.3A rating suggests that this fan might have a rated speed of 1500~2000 RPM, based on previous observations of 120mm fans. The following graph from Enermax's Modu82+ PDF prochure suggests a top speed of 1500 RPM.

It also happens to be a 4-wire PWM fan, which has an impact on the way we test, as you'll see in the next page.

A clear-bladed fan of unknown origins, branded as an Enermax.

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