AMD 780G: Best Ever Integrated Mainstream Chipset?

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EasyTune overclocking.

The bundled overclocking utility in Gigabyte's EasyTune worked properly, allowing us to overclock the board from the Vista desktop without rebooting. Our past experience with such programs have usually ended in disappointment so this was a nice surprise. Unfortunately, the CPU frequency can only be increased in 1Mhz increments — you can't enter in values manually. It took a lot of mouse clicks to bring it up from 200 to 300Mhz.

The MA78GM topped out at 330Mhz.

Using EasyTune we increased the CPU frequency by 5Mhz until we encounted instability. ATITool's artifact scanner was run briefly to verify there was no corruption of the integrated graphics. The maximum CPU frequency the board was stable at was 330Mhz, which is very impressive for an AM2+ mATX board. Note that we decreased the CPU multiplier to 5x and the HT Link frequency to 600Mhz as we were trying to max out the bus speed, not the processor itself. The maximum clock speed the processor is capable of is irrelevant.

At 335Mhz, we began to see yellow artifacts in ATITool's artifact scanner, and at 340Mhz the system crashed (or wouldn't boot up when overclocking via the BIOS). Disabling the onboard video and using a discrete graphics card did not help this result, nor did any additional chipset cooling. During testing, the northbridge heatsink reached a balmy 68°C as measured by an infrared thermometer.


Connecting the board's HDMI output to our BenQ FP94VW LCD monitor was a relative success. It allowed for resolutions of 800x600, 1152x648, 1280x720 and 192x01080, but not the native resolution of 1440x900. 1152x648 was the closest without the desktop going off the edge of the screen. The audio output worked properly without any issues — a first for us.

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