Antec Mini P180: A micro-ATX P182

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You've seen the front and left side in the photo on the preceding page. Here's a pictorial walk around the case from the outside. (Note: I mentioned earlier that the exterior was difficult to photograph. So was the interior, which is all black. Not only is there little to focus on, the black soaks up light, making long exposures or flash necessary. To show detail in photos at low web-friendly resolutions, a lot of digital darkroom work had to be used, particularly to bring up the shadows lost in the black. Some pics look a bit unnatural as a result; under the conditions, this seemed a reasonable compromise.)

With the front door open, you can see the there are two large 120mm intake vents, the same as in the larger P182. Note odd placement of optical drive bays, one on top and two on the bottom. The latter are in the lower PSU chamber. The slots all around the front perimeter (between front door and surface of front panel behind it) is taken straight from the P180~190 design. It allows for excellent air intake even when the door is closed; closing the door keeps the noise down.

Here's a shot with the vent covers swung open, dust filters visible underneath. Nicely done, as in the P182. Note the eSATA port directly below the power button. Both power and reset buttons lie behind the main door; it must be opened to turn the system on or off. The vent covers have the same somewhat restrictive slat design as in the P180~190 series. See the forum discussion about this.

The back panel sports vented PCI slot covers and another rectangular vent next to them. Note the 3-position fan speed switches (to the left of the fan in the photo) and the large amount of space beyond the left edge of the I/O panel.

Here's the back end of the top panel, which is actually a 2-ply construction. Almost 3, really. The visible panel is plastic; the hex-hole pattern grill is visible next, and below that is the steel chassis panel. The 200mm fan is visible underneath.

Finally, a quick visual comparison between the Mini P180 and the very first development P180 sample (with unmatched front panel) now relegated to be a video card test platform on the SPCR test bench. The Mini P180 is shorter, and not as deep, but about the same width.

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