ATI HD3850 & HD3870: Improved Acoustics & Power Efficiency

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Palit is a Hong Kong based manufacturer, so naturally an obese frog in a suit of high-tech armor adorns their HD 3870 box.

The accessories include a Crossfire bridge, DVI to HDMI and DVI to VGA adapters, power and component cables, and a complimentary copy of Tomb Raider Anniversary. More importantly our Turkish intern, Omar, was delighted to see the installation guide had a Turkish translation.


From a cursory glance, the HD 3870 stock cooler appears very similar to the X1950XTX heatsink, though it lacks a heatpipe. Looking through the red plastic we see a tall set of fins grouped together over the center of the card.


The exit path for all that hot air is much broader than on the HD3850. As a dual-slot solution, there is enough room for an exhaust vent at the back. But those slot holes in the plastic shroud are sizeable, and repeated on the underside, which means some of the hot air will spill out in the case rather than be expelled out the back. Modders may want to play with closing up those slots and see if case, CPU or GPU temperatures improve.


The outputs at the back are identical to the HD 3850.


From the opposite side we can see the fan, which appears very powerful. It will probably be louder than a moose in heat... time will tell.


Removal of the HD 3870 cooler is similar to the HD 3850 process. The memory chips and MOSFETs are cooled by separate heatsinks. This makes it easier to replace the cooler with a third party solution, as the extra hardware required to cool these components is not always included.

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