Akasa AK-965 socket 775 tower cooler

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March 14, 2008 by Mike Chin

Akasa AK-965
Socket 775 heatsink/fan
Market Price

Since the "tower" heatpipe heatsink design first appeared in the PC world a few years ago, it has become dominant. The tower heatpipe heatsink has cooling fins arrayed in a tall stack with heatpipes running up/down through them, and the fan blows through the fins in a path parallel to the surface of the motherboard. Previous designs had the fins perpendicular to the motherboard surface, and the fan blowing down towards the board. There's not a single brand which doesn't offer some variant of this basic design. Some models vary less than others.

The Akasa AK-965 can best be described as an execution of the tower heatpipe heatsink which stays very close to the median for such designs. (This is not a slight on Akasa, which makes dozens of CPU cooling devices, including some that are considerably more innovative, nor is it a slight on the heatsink itself.)

Akasa began in 1997 with the design, manufacture and distribution of heatsinks to the PC OEM sector and the retail distribution channel. A Taiwanese/British venture with international distribution, Akasa's products are easiest to find in the EU. The product range has expanded considerably, with cases, power supplies, control panels and accessories all in the mix.

Akasa's marketing department felt that SPCR's international audience, with some 40% of readers in the EU, would appreciate a review of one of their products. The AK-965 is the first Akasa sample that landed in our lab. It is very modestly priced among DIY aftermarket coolers: It can be found for around £10~11 including VAT in the U.K. Another variant of the product, the AK-965BL, appears to differ only in that it features a blue LED fan.

Sturdy, simply illustrated box...

...opens up to reveal the heatsink nestled in recycled carboard.

Akasa AK-965 Feature Highlights (from the product web page)
Feature & Brief Our Comment
PWM controls fan RPM accordingly to CPU usage and provides low-noise cooling
Aside from the heatpipes, these blurbs could easily describe a stock heatsink that comes supplied with Intel processors. There's nothing unique here.
Intel push-pins for safe and easy retention
Copper base for maximum heat absorption
Three U-shape heatpipes give rapid heat dissipation
Thermal compound pre-applied

Akasa AK-965 Specifications
Socket type
Intel LGA 775
Heatsink dimension
132 x 105 x 56.5mm
Heatsink material
Aluminum fins, copper heatpipes and base
Cooler dimension
139.5 x 111.6 x 89.5mm
Fan dimension
92 x 25mm (on 80mm fan fitting)
Fan speed
600 - 2500 RPM
Fan connector
4-pin (PWM enabled)
Fan airflow
10.56 - 47.68 CFM
Fan air pressure
0.18 - 2.56 mm H20
Fan life expectancy
Voltage rating
Bearing type Ball Bearing
Noise level 17 - 30 dB(A)

NOTE: Weight is not given, but it doesn't feel much greater than about 500 grams.

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