Akasa AK-965 socket 775 tower cooler

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The AK-965 is about medium size for a retail DIY tower heatsink these days. It stands fairly tall, just over 5", slightly taller than Arctic Cooling's Freezer 7, which it resembles. The spacing of the fins, at just under 2mm, is neither very wide nor very tight, in comparison with other heatsinks. As the spec sheet mentions, the 4-pin fan has 92mm diameter blades in an 80mm frame. There is nothing included in the package other than the heatsink/fan. This model is intended for use only on a socket 775 board, and the push-pin assembly is pre-mounted.

It stands nearly 5" tall.

It's easily double the size of the stock Intel HSF.

The frame on which the push-pins are mounted is allowed to pivot a bit.
The fins are press-fitted onto the fins as is the norm for this type of design.

The fan peeks below the bottom fin. Presumably, this is to ensure some airflow over hot voltage regulation components around the CPU socket.

The copper base is flat but not polished; with TIM, it's smooth enough. The heatpipes appear to be soldered and clamped between the copper base and an aluminum top.

The fan clips at four points to a plastic frame, which in turn, clips similarly into grooves cut into the edges of the fins. It's a simple, fairly secure arrangement. No loose play could be felt.

The fan fits rather tightly; don't remove/remount the fan more than a couple of times, as one of the plastic tabs may break.

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