Sparkle Power's 250W ATX12V 80 Plus SPI250EP

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The overall build looks fine, reminiscent, again, of lower powered PSUs from yesteryear. The PCB is laid out reasonably neatly, the components appear to be of average quality, and the heatsinks are small, but probably as big as they need to be. The fan leads are soldered to a small PCB mounted on a heatsink.

Three transformers in the center.
Open space behind fan suggests low turbulence.

Dual 470uF capacitors, heatsink fin detail and transformers.

View from intake side.

Peripheral PCBs.

The 80x25mm ball-bearing fan is made by Yate Loon, and it is rated for 12V, 0.1A. It's a slow speed model, rated for 2100 RPM at 28 dBA.

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