PC Hi-Fi: Scythe's Kama Bay Amp

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Although designed to fit in a standard optical bay, the Kama Bay Amp doesn't actually require a computer to work. It's entirely self contained: It accepts a stereo RCA connection as input, and has a pair of five-way binding posts that mates with almost any speaker connection. It also has a standard headphone jack that mutes the speaker output when in use. A Molex power adapter and a 1/8" to stereo RCA cable are included as standard equipment for connecting to your existing power supply and sound card, but it also includes a 12V power brick and a regular RCA to RCA cable, allowing just about any audio component to be connected to it with or without a computer.

Several other accessories are also included: A silver faceplate that can be swapped for the existing black one, a PCI-slot cover with a hole for routing cables into the case, and two thin-gauge lengths of speaker cable. All of the cables are thin and poor quality, but none is long enough to warrant a need for higher quality except in unusual, high interference situations.

There's a lot of bits and bobs here.

Scythe Kama Bay Amp Feature Highlights (from Scythe's web site)
Quality High Performance YAMAHA IC Chip
In order to create a high quality sound and not to compromise in the sound quality, YAMAHA YDA138 chip is built into this amplifier!
It's more than just built in — this chip is the amplifier.
External or Internal Usage
Built into your PC case to create a high quality sound or use it as external usage for your home theater system!
Amplifies any signal — no PC required. Just use any standard RCA cable.
Luxury Appearance
Not only the sound yet front panel and entire material in high quality to create luxurious appearance! Gold plated RCA jack and speaker terminals to further enhance the appearance!
Hi-Fi in your PC. At least they aren't falsely advertising gold-plated connectors as giving better audio quality.
All Cables Included
Cable for audio, speaker, and AC adapter are all included for ready-to-use!
A nice kit.

Scythe Kama Bay Amp Specifications (from Scythe's web site)
Model Name
Kama Bay Amplifier
Model Number
Manufacturer Scythe Co., Ltd. Japan
Dimensions (W x D x H) 152 x 113 x 41 mm
59.84 x 44.49 x 16.14 inch

Speaker x 2 Channel
Headphone x 1 Channel

Input RCA Connector x 2 Channel
Power IC YAMAHA YDA138 (D-3) Digital Power Amplifier
Number of Channels 2 Channels
Continuous Max. Output 10W x 2 Channel
Max. Efficiency 88% (8Ω/10W)
SN Ratio 103 dB
Total Harmonic Distortion Rate 0.02% (1KHz/8Ω)
Headphone Amplifier 50mW x 2 Channel, SN Ratio: 95dB
Power Source DC 12V (4-Pin from PC Power Supply) or AC Adapter
Weight 480 g / 1.06 lb

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