Xigmatek HDT-S1283 & SD964 "heatpipe direct-touch" CPU coolers

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Included in the retail box is the heatsink, a 120x25mm PWM fan, 4-pin molex fan adapter, thermal compound, mounting hardware, and a user manual. The SD964 comes with the same accessories.

At first glance, the HDT-S1283 appears to be just another tower heatsink, albeit a very lanky one.

Compared to the Thermalright Ultra-120 Extreme, it is about the same height (the LGA775 push-pins prop the S1283 up a bit in the above picture), but is half an inch shorter in both length and width.

The base.

The most interesting feature is the heatsink's base. The 8mm thick heatpipes are flattened at the bottom to make direct contact (or "touch" as Xigmatek likes to refer to it). Though it was slightly tarnished and there were some light machine marks, the base was very flat.

The grooved plate which hold the heatpipes is not really designed to aid heat transfer. It may be made from cast aluminum. It's not clear whether the heatpipes are just press-fitted into the grooved plate or soldered. Performance might have been improved slightly by making this plate from copper and soldering it to the heatpipes.

A "spoiler" to deflect some of the airflow can be clipped on a fin at any point on the side opposite the fan. It does not extend the entire width of the heatsink, making its usefulness somewhat limited... like most car spoilers.

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