Xigmatek HDT-S1283 & SD964 "heatpipe direct-touch" CPU coolers

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The SD964 is dwarfed by the S1283 and Thermalright Ultra-120 Extreme. Compared to its big brother, the SD964 is shorter by about an inch in both height and length. It utilizes 4 x 6mm heatpipes rather than 3 x 8mm.

Its dimensions are not unusual for a 92mm tower heatsink — it's very similar in size to the Noctua NH-U9 on the right.

A Google search of the fan's model number reveals it to be the same as the one included with the OCZ Vendetta according to Frostytech. At 12V, it draws 3.6W of power.

The installation procedure is identical to the S1283. Notice the grooves on both sides of the SD964, allowing one to install a second fan if so desired.

The installation procedure with the SD964 was essentially identical to that of the S1283. Due to the smaller fan diamater, the pushpins are more accessible and are thus easier to secure. In most systems, installation of this heatsink with the motherboard already installed in the case will probably post no great challenge.

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