Asus P3-P5G33 Barebone Slim PC

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The P3-P5G33 ships with some basic accessories including case stands and feet, a power cord, a folded IDE cable, two SATA cables, screws, a manual and a couple of support discs.

A long panel opens up to reveal USB, Firewire, and front audio ports, as well as the card reader. The optical drive bay is stealthed. There are two main vents, one on the case cover directly above where the CPU cooler would sit, and one on the top.

Two small sections of minuscule slits provide some airflow to the nearby hard drive chamber. The side pictured on the right is completely closed off. It is also not removable.

A small, circular exhaust port is located at the back of the power supply and a vent runs parallel to the back pane. The connectivity options are poor when it comes to video. HDMI and DVI are noticeably absent. In addition they have forgone with the PS/2 mouse port.

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