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The layout of the case is typical of its product class. If placed vertically, the power supply sits at the bottom, and the optical and hard drives are installed on their sides at the front. A support bar runs across the case to prevent bending should anything heavy be placed atop it.

The support bar is attached via crude hinges at the front of the case, and secured against the PCI slot covers with a latch, which also keeps the expansion cards in place. It's part of Asus' tool-less installation design.

The exhaust fan seems to be have been an afterthought, haphazardly attached to the case with only a single screw. It is a ball-bearing fan manufactured by Delta.

The power supply appears to use the Flex ATX form factor and is manufactured by Enertronix. A 70mm and 50mm fan provide cooling. It is equipped with four SATA and only two molex connectors.

The power supply has passive PFC, and can supply a maximum of 192W (16A) on the +12V rails — more than enough since the P3-P5G33 only allows for low-profile discrete graphics cards.

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