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Optical drive mounting is very easy. The drive, with only two screws installed, is slid in through the front of the case along a guide. Once it passes a certain point, a metal clip on one side locks on.

Hard drive installation is similar. The drive is lowered into the desired 3.5" bay and then pushed forward along two grooves. As it is a tight space, it is a little tricky to get the drive lined up properly — a little patience is required. Plastic clips secures the drive in place.

There were plenty of holes on either side of the 3.5" bays so we decided to use a notebook drive and a bit of elastic cord to create a suspension system.

The low height of the case and the close proximity of the case fan made prevented us from using any of the quality low-profile heatsinks at our disposal. Thus, were were reduced to using a stock Intel cooler.

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