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The EN9600GT Silent's passive cooler utilizes three aluminum alloy heatpipes, each attached to a separate section of densely-pressed fins. In between, and surrounding them are several metallic pieces joined together in an unusual pattern and painted black.

The black metal forms long, thick fins parallel to the length of the card, with sets of "ribs" on both sides. At the center where the Asus nameplate resides, the fins run perpendicular. At the back of the card it forms a shroud. Also note: The protruding loop of heatpipe is problematic for lower-profile HTPC cases such as the Antec Fusion; it make the card too tall to physically fit in the case.

The fins at the very rear of the card are aligned in a zipper formation, designed to trap and guide any air entering through the intake vent. The card comes with dual dual-link DVI (the yellow one is HDMI-capable) and S-Video/Component-out ports.

Underneath the heatsink, there is no extra cooling for memory chips or any of the voltage regulation circuitry. The circuit board is quite bare.

During installation, two of long black fins interfered with the PCI-E power connector. The clip would not lock on without wedging itself under the heatsink. We resolved this by twisting the offending clip completely off.

Though it is not visible in any of the pictures, the screws toward the vent side of the cooler did not appear to be engaged all the way. We tightened them as best we could before testing and hoped for the best.

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