Two Big Top-downers: Big Typhoon VX & Xigmatek HDT-D1264

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The HDT-D1264 box is much more compact.

Package contents.

Xigmatek HDT-D1264: Key Features
(from the respective product web page)
Feature & Brief
Our Comment
H.D.T. (Heatpipe direct touch) technology. As with all Xigmatek HDT heatsinks, the base is removed as an intermediate heat transfer medium to improve performance.
Anti-vibration rubber design. Unlike the Big Typhoon/VX which use hard-mounted fans, Xigmatek opts for rubber fan isolators instead to reduce vibration transmission.
Special fin shape design. "Special" fin designs are usually aesthetic rather than functional.
Particular raised-point on fin design.
Efficient air flow to cool down components around CPU. A welcome feature as motherboards are designed with the expectation of some secondary top-down airflow directed over the components surrounding the CPU socket.
4pcs x 8mm high performance Heatpipe. Thick and numerous, Xigmatek went all out with the D1264.
Light weight. At 667g it's almost 20% lighter than the Big Typhoon VX. However, it is in fact the heaviest of all of Xigmatek's DHT coolers.
High performance & easy installation. To be determined.
120mm highly efficient PWM fan. We always like to see PWM fans included as some motherboards do not support DC voltage control.
3 in 1 application: LGA775 pushpin/K8 & AM2 tool-less clip. Uses the same methods as the S1283 and SD964.

Xigmatek HDT-D1264: Specifications
(from the respective product web pages)
Product Name
Product Number
Outside Dimension
145(W) x 150(H) x 134(D) mm
Weight 667g (w/fan)
Thermal Resistance 0.14 °C/W
Application All Intel Socket LGA 775 CPU
Core 2 Extreme / Quad / Duo
Pentium Extreme Edition / D
Celeron D
All AMD Socket AM2 / 754 /
939 / 940 CPU
Athlon 64 / FX / X2 / Opteron / Sempron
Aluminum Alloy
8 x 4 mm
Dimension 120(W) x 120(H) x 25(D) mm
Voltage Rating
800~1500 R.P.M
Bearing Type
Rifle Bearing
Air Flow
56.3 CFM
Air Pressure
1.57 mm H2O
Life Expectancy
40,000 hrs
Noise Level
27.2 dBA
4 Pin with PWM

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