Two Big Top-downers: Big Typhoon VX & Xigmatek HDT-D1264

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The Big Typhoon VX.

The VX is for the most part, physically identical to the original Big Typhoon, so we'll keep the details to a minimum. Only three things have changed: the fan is different, a manual fan speed controller has been added, and the mounting system has been revised. The fan and grill are still held on screws, as is the metallic fan frame. Hard contact between the fan and heatsink is a source of noise; something Thermaltake either isn't aware of, or simply doesn't care about.

Heatsink with the fan and frame removed.

With its fan and frame stripped, the Typhoon VX is essential two giant blocks of densely packed fins held up by two sets of heatpipes. At the top and bottom, the fins are are shaped to resemble a wave on the beach, or lazily drawn seagulls.

From above.

There is some, but not a lot of separation between the two blocks. With very fine fin separation it does not look like a good candidate for low airflow, quiet cooling.

Heatpipe/base contact.

The heatpipes begin (or end) at the base, where they are soldered into grooves to the base. It's standard operating procedure these days.

The base.

The base is rough by contemporary standards. The machine marks can be both seen clearly, but are difficult to distinguish by touch alone. In our experience, this isn't a game-breaker.

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