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EndPCNoise of Vancouver, Washington offers SPCR-designed quiet PC systems in the US

EndPCNoise is the system integrator and vendor of these systems. SPCR has no involvement whatsoever in their sale, distribution or servicing; only the original design and verification of design objectives in the production samples supplied by EndPCNoise. For details of the partnership, please see SPCR Designed Computer Systems.

SPCR Extreme Gamer 22 dBA PC

This is a silent near-ultimate gaming machine utilizing the most advanced technologies available. The EG22DBA is a powerful gaming computer, a speed demon that will take on all comers without even a hint of the power lurking under its hood. It is the equivalent of the classic "sleeper" street racer.

The design goals for Model 22DBA were:

  • Fantastic gaming performance.
  • Good cooling of all the components under a wide range of conditions up to at least 30°C ambient.
  • So quiet as to be effectively silent.

The foundation of this system is the Antec P182 case, a refinement of the P180 case which I designed with/for Antec. It is the best tower case for high performance and low noise I know of, and it is further modified by EndPCNoise for even better performance. The high airflow capability and direct, unimpeded airflow paths, the advanced steel-plastic composite panel construction, complete AcousticPack Delux V2 acoustic damping treatment, and additional noise damped enclosure for the hard drive all work together for high performance with minimal noise.

In this build, a Zalman ZM850 850W power supply shares space with the hard drive in the bottom chamber. The power supply and HDD are thermally and acoustically isolated from the rest of the system. The separate intake and exhaust path ensures that the PSU fan does not ramps up due to the increased heat of the CPU, video card and other components. In actual use, the PSU fan should never ramp up except maybe in very hot weather under long term extreme load conditions.

Tests with the Final Prototype

The final prototype of the Extreme Gamer 22DBA was built by EndPCNoise after about three months of back and forth cooperative development. I spent about four weeks with this final prototype. In its final configuration, it is one of the quietest systems I've heard, regardless of computing performance.

Three optical drive bays were converted to an extra intake vent with a Scythe Kama Bay.

The components in the prototype:

  • ASUS Maximus Formula SE motherboard
  • Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4 GHz 4MB CPU
  • XFX 8800 GTX 768mb DDR3 video card with
    • Zalman VF1000 LED video card cooler, and
    • Zalman ZM-RHS88 video card memory heatsinks
  • Corsair 4GB (four 1GB) PC8500 DDRAM
  • Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme CPU heatsink with
    • Nexus 120 B&W fan run at 7V
  • Western Digital Caviar SE16 640GB hard drive in
    • Smart Drive 2002 Copper HDD enclosure
  • Antec P182 Black super tower case with
    • Nexus 120 B&W fans (one for exhaust, one for VGA/intake)
    • Zalman ZM-F1 fan controllers
    • Scythe Kama Bay 5.25" system intake vent
    • modification of lower chamber to remove central fan mount
    • complete AcousticPack Delux V2 acoustic damping treatment
  • Zalman ZM850 850W modular cable, high efficiency power supply
  • Asus DRW-1814BLT Lightscribe DVD burner
  • AcousticPack Delux V2 panel damping treatment
  • Windows Vista Ultimate Edition fully installed.
  • SPCR logo

The key acoustic features (and modifications of the Antec P182) of this system:

  • Nexus 120 fan in place of the TriCool 120 case fan on the back panel. This very quiet fan is run at 7V.
  • The stock 120mm Antec fan is removed from the top blowhole, which is covered with acustic foam and an additional wire grill.
  • Nexus 120 fan (@ 12V) at the intake directly in front of the video card.
  • The mounting panel for the 120mm fan in the lower chamber is removed in order to fit the Zalman ZM850 power supply, whose 140mm fan provides enough airflow at even the highest system loads to ensure good self-cooling and cooling of the hard drive positioned in the lower chamber.
  • Complete Deluxe AcoustiPack damping panel treatment of the case.
  • 7200rpm 2.5 notebook and Solid State Drive options for those who seek the ultimate in silent computing.

Very tidy build, and AcoustiPack applied everywhere.

AcoustiPack on the inside of both side panels.

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