Thermaltake MaxOrb Heatpipe Cooler: Maximum Orbness

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MaxOrb on the left, Intel stock cooler on the right. The MaxOrb is fairly rotund. It makes the Intel stock cooler seem not only inferior, but insignificant. Like most radial-style coolers, the bulk of the heatsink is comprised of many curved fins, arrayed in two semi-circles around the fan.

The base is a plate with a cover, grooved for six heatpipes that curve upward and intertwine with the fins. The fins rise higher than the fan itself, taking advantage of the airflow that spills over horizontally as there is no frame blocking/directing it.

The base has an almost immaculate finish. It is clearly polished, though not to the point where it would shine. There were no noticeable machine marks or ridges. What more can one ask for? According to Thermaltake it is a copper base, probably nickel-plated.

Heatpipe/base connection: As there are six heatpipes, they are tightly spaced, sandwiched between the base and the mounting plate. They are also soldered together to maximize heat transfer. Attached to the mounting plate is a loose-fitting metal clip designed to attach to a plastic frame.

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