Thermaltake MaxOrb Heatpipe Cooler: Maximum Orbness

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The heatpipes split into two and curve making the entire cooler look like a giant metallic tree. The fins are shaped so that each section forms a groove for the heatpipes to rest.

The heatpipes each have their own sets of fins, forming concentric rings around the cooler. The formation has a mesmerizing, symmetric quality. Though it may appear so in the above picture, there are six heatpipes and not three. The metallic arm to which the fan controller is attached only holds them in place. They are not joined together.

The 3-pin fan is made of a translucent plastic to disperse the light from its blue LED. Thermaltake supplies a manual fan speed controller via a simple knob. Both the fan and controller are attached to the heatsink with a single metal arm with screws. The fan is secured on only one side; it hangs over the center of the heatsink like a basketball hoop.

For both AMD and Intel installations, an unusual mounting frame is provided. On one side, there is a small notch on the inside of the frame. This hooks onto one side of the metal clip that is attached to the heatsink. On the other side, a piece of plastic protrudes outward with a long screw attached, pointing upward. This screw goes through a hole on the metal clip and is secured with a long metal nut. For AMD systems, a backplate is provided as well as screws and nuts to secure it. For LGA775, a set of push-pins simply hook onto each corner.

Mounting frame attached.With all the mounting hardware attached, the cooler cannot be set flat until installation. The frame still has plenty of leeway and can be raised up on either side or otherwise manipulated. It's a clumsy, awkward system. It's so unusual and unnatural that we're not sure how a human being or even an engineer could have come up with such a design.

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